15 July 2012

Beauty with the brain

The beauty contest of the indigenous people in East Malaysia
I did post about the promotion programme of Esperanto could be organising the beauty constest. It is not going for the beauty of the look but the most important would be the BRAIN.

The beauties and the hunks must be able to speak Esperanto and perhaps, do some promotion work for the Esperanto in the community.

The Fujian Xiamen businessman did that in searching for the model for his product, wine from Italy. I did not see the man but only the lady appeared in the 6th Esperanto Commerce League,China, (IKEF) postal.

It was hard to search for the lady who could speak good Esperanto was difficult in fact. Most people think English is good, can bring in money, in fact, it is because the Esperantist businessmen are unlike this Fujian Esperantist, the boss of 希恩(Xi En). The Xi En company sponsored many activities related to the wine. This is how more people will know about Esperanto.

I don't know about the Esperantist businessman do, at least, I can search the info from China.

If more Esperantists could consider the use of Esperanto in his/her business, it would certainly creating opportunity for the people to learn Esperanto.

If I were the boss of a small company, I will ask all the staff to learn Esperanto.

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