10 July 2012

How to avoid your email account being used by others for scamming work

Of late, there are lots of people facing problems in the events of email account being used to solicit money, either by asking donations or help in the hotel because no money and was holding as hostage.
The pic is done by Pietro from Brazil.

It would be wise to ask the person concern by sending him/her a text message to confirm on that and further to confirm with his/her friends whom you know of. I did that. Of course, it is the scam.

Now it is time to consider mono lingual or multilingual or at lease bilingual. Why ?

I read an article somewhere sometime back and it said that do not send your mail all the time in the same language because the person can trace your letter and send it to your friends. If you send emails in other language mixing with your target language,the person who stole your password and take a look and might not understand what you are talking to your friends and they would not bother spending time to trace what languages you are using.

Like us in Malaysia, we are not good at all languages,but we have to mixed the local languages together as a rojak (mixed fruits salad). Of course, my friends whose email account passwords were stolen are all mono lingual who got highly educated in the United Kingdom. That is why I believed that this sort of mixed language email worked. My account only being used to send porn sites because they cannot understand what rojak letters I am talking to my friends.

Now, it is good learn Esperanto and be bilingual at least and send your letters in mixed languages at times to prevent these scam letters by using your account.

Esperanto is not a well know language in the world, not many people are able to understand it. If the hackers know Esperanto, I wish he/she would have been cleansed by the spirit of Dr L L Zamenholf por paca laboro.

Of course beside the health reason, now it is good to know at bilingual.

Vivu Esperanto !

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