07 July 2012

Mi festu 125 jarojn de Esperanto kun poŝkarto

Mi estas senlaborulo. Mi ne havas multajn monojn. Mi nur povu festi la 125 jarojn de Esperanto kun la poŝkarto. Vi povos aĉeti en la 97-a UK en hanojo.

Se vi ne partoprenos en la UK, vi povos peti viajn geamikojn por helpi vin.

I am an unemployed person and I cannot afford more money to celebrate of the birth of Esperanto. The anniversary of 125 years of Esperanto has certainly a wonderful and meaningful for me because this is the first time that I shall take part in the World Esperanto Congress. Of course, it would be the last too.

For the Esperantists they know that most of the time, the Esperanto world congress is held in different countries and some countries are very far from your living place.

Hanoi is still far for me from Malaysia but I have to borrow some money to participate this event, the once in the life time of mine as I am getting older by days.

If you see me again in the next UK of Esperanto, perhaps, I have stroke a lotery or I might have sponsored by some good hearted Samarithans.

For many, they still do not know Esperanto, they still cannot enjoy this event.

I shall be concentrating on my Esperanto examination of B2 or B1 it depends on my result which will release soon.

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