09 July 2012

No matter how good is your English

I was feeling sad after I read this article. I could feel exactly of the writer facing such discrimination. I have no such experince in my country. Perhaps, I am not too social.

The only discrimination that I could sense in my country is the colour of the skin and the religon. Such discrimination are lay down by the policies.

No matter how good your English is, you cannot be equated to be the people of America.

What you see on the TV screen is just one out of few thousands to potray the harmony and the democracy.

Certainly, all those former colonial countries are facing the same problem. But the people would not realise it, the poison of racial disharmonies are created by the British colonial tactics.

Therefore, it is good to get the English language out of your country.

Replace the Esperanto in your country, if your country has too many different races. It is silly like South Africa to have more than 10 official languages in the parliement.

Just 200 hours, your country can be the bilingual country, not only that, your people are better health and cleaver.

Save your country millions of dollars in education. Learning Esperanto needs onoy 200 hours and English would be more than 2000 hours, especially for the Asia.


  1. Why should I care about racial situation in America and how it is related to English? English existed before and will exist after USA. It is good, simple, living language which had fought its way through the centuries of oppression and emerged victorious. On the other hand, your 'simple' (it is not simpler than English, I assure you as a foreign speaker of both) Esperanto is rotting in a gutter after years and years of lies, soliciting and forcing it to any place you could think of (and it has its own devotee cult, imagine that!).
    The time is a harsh judge who put things on its place.

  2. Elhana, I have read about your negative comment in the TEX Holland. Go on to promote your English. If you mother is English, it is understandable, if your mother tongue is not English, shame on you to promote the imperialsim language. If you have the gut, put your email on the comment and see what other Esperantists would tell you. Perhaps, I would tell the Esperantists not to waste time on this insane person.

    You are not even know that more than 75% in the world do not speak a word of English and I wish you read Dr Ostler work--The Last Lingua Franca. I am not going to reply to all your comment on my blog and also urge other people not to reply to your comment.

    If you have afraid that English is losing out, go on to colonise more countries.

    I wish you live long enough to withness the Esperanto as the language of the world.

    Tell BBC to take this link off and tell them they are wrong,if you have the power to do so. I shall keep my fingers crossed.