23 July 2012

Helping Promoting Esperanto in Hanoi this month

I have been here for about a week now but I could not find the people on the street knowing what Esperanto is. No one knows the Vietnam Esperanto Association. Certainly, with the popularity of wi-fi on the street, no one knows about the lernu.net page in Vietnamese.

Should the participants of this 97th UK gather some fund and got the information written in Vietnamese and Esperanto and go around to distribute in certain tourist area like Lake Hoan Kiem.

My frustrations set in when I reached the airport. Very little people speak English. This proves that English is not a global language. What BBC report confirmed it.

But if all participants of the UK this year in Hanoi can just donate 20,000 VND to the organisers and we can spend a morning going from street to street to distribute the information.

Hope this would create an awareness in the city of Honoi about Esperanto.

If Vietnam can liberalise from the English language 'torture', that can help to liberalise other ASEAN countries, which include Malaysia.

Esperantists, consider for that, let us use our little time and money to help the Vietnam Esperanto Association to promote Esperanto in Vietnam.

I was told that, the local paper, which is in Vietnamese, did not publish anything about the UK and Esperanto. I hoped it is not true.


  1. Dear Eng, Be patient. Now you can see Esperanto flags and posters about UK-97 along the roads from the airport to the Central part of the city and on the roads to the Congress. After some days, the mass media (TV, radio, newspapers) will announce about Esperanto kaj UK.

  2. Yes, you are right Autono32.

    The local medias, in print and TV, Radio carried the information of it.

    But the banners hang across the major streets in the city did not attach the vea.vn and vi.lernu.net

    Where would the Hanoi city dwellers to learn Esperanto when these info are not attached with the banners ?

    The Vietnam Esperantists have missed a golden opportunity.