16 July 2012

Indigenous people education vs Esperanto

Of course, this is not the first post on the issue of Indigenous people and Esperanto. But after reading the comment of this report. I silenced for a few minites and take a deep breath and pause again with the blank thinking.

Jes, Esperantists are very powerless. Esperantists have no money ( unlike Soros), Esperantists are not military men or women. They are difficult to fight the system which is made or written for the rich and the powerful.

If you look at the faces of these innocent children, who do not know what their future is, and what you would feel for your children as well at home when the sun rises, there is no bright sunshine in the future for these helpless people.

But, on the other hand, the organisation which set up to represent the Indigenous people do not even want to listen to a short explaination of what Esperanto is. How Esperanto can help their children to acquire an international language within a year of study.

Now,are these termed themselves as Indigenous people NGO behind are the powerful companies which provide the sign of dollars and euro  ?

It is the same as in Cambodia or Khemer as the writer wrote in the best tone and yet the sadness is still contained in the air. The government would believe Esperanto is such a wanderful language.

Thus, it is time to think that we have to form a NGO in countering these bad influences from the unseen hands behind.

But, for those who can read, it is time, whether Esperantists or not, think for yourselves and others, within more people using Esperanto, the language won't be wide spread.

Can UN not listening to the big firms which paid for the airfares of the representatives ?

Many comments on the Rio +20 have clearly indicated that UN cannot run away from bankrupt if the organisation does not listen to the ' god-fathers'.

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