22 May 2012

UN voices

Just came to this page and find it is good. But just wondering, there is someone writing to the page for the inclusion of Esperanto ?

The UNESCO recommend Esperanto for the International auxilary language, however, it is just only preaching but not doing it.

Who would agree to the calling of UNESCO ? If it is the good language as listed by UNESCO, this international body should take the lead by example, use it officially in the organisation and other funcitons.

But alas, it is not.

The UNESCO can repeat it year in and year out. The UEA can have the representative in the conference book yelling the use of Esperanto.

But if UNESCO annouce the officially using Esperanto in some functions, this is better than all the papers wasted , time wasted in getting the world to list Esperanto in the school.

Is UNESCO having pressures from the members ?


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