19 May 2012

China Esperanto Merchant Group

Why so many people worried about the powerful China ?

It is the process of growth and it is fair to be too.

Many silly heads of the countries would quickly, either to please China or too much of fears in their heads and quickly to force the people to learn Chinese language.

Don't they know that China has the Esperanto merchant league group ? Just learn Esperanto and you can trade with them.

China does not force you to learn the language of hers. If some of the traders have such a pact in the agreement, expose it to the public.

Just many people think Chinese know only ONE language, that is Chinese, but this would be ashamed of your knowledge if you did not know that China and the current BRIC coutntries in the 1920s were the supporters of use in Esperanto in League of Nations ?

Learn Esperanto and trade with more countries.

Read the Esperanto International Merchant Group. The newly elected Prezident is from China, Wang Tian Yi.

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