11 May 2012


I accidentally came to a website which has ttt.uea.org and it is the UEA site. I was delighted to see the UEA new site but alas my internet and computer is not ablet to read every page as there are some shortcoming of the software programmes.

At least, now the UEA is using ttt instead of www as the website.

Since the Esperanto world has accepted the ttt=www for the Esperanto page, all Esperanto organisation should write the web address in ttt instead of www.

By doing so, it will create something, like the awareness of the people when they surf the pages or when they read the web address. They must be thinking it is wrong web address and this would be able to get more attention.

Now, I saw the TEJO and other international Esperanto association sites are still using the www instead of ttt.

I am not a webpage designer and pratically a 'stupid' in this part of work. Just wondering it is hard to create a page with ttt to replace the www ?

Hope more Esperanto associations in the world, especially those self-claim the international bodies, please change your webpage address to ttt instead of www.

I am sure this would quicken the pace of awareness of Esperanto


  1. The only result that will get is that they will be ridiculed. This stinks of purist efforts to create new words we were seeing in XIX century Europe and even today in some retarded countries.

    That crap can cause the only reaction, rejection.

    1. From the few comments you left here, it shows that you are still living in the 1900 century. i do not have to say more.

      My only suggestion is Elhana, read more and travel more.

      Just wondering why you have all the fears.