28 May 2012

How many kinds of Esperantists ?

Certainly, I am not surprised to find so many groups of Esperantists. Basically they are:

1.language lover
2. just to say a few words for fun
3.the movement campaigner
4.wait and see, if Esperanto is going to be a major language, continue to learn it.
5.too 'hot' and too 'engross' in wanting to build Esperanto nation
6.mother tongue users.

Well, I think that would be more if I am active in the scene.

Looking at the final vote for the Date with the History, the  Rio +20 project. I was certainly stunned.

Though the two Esperantists were in the final round, it is sad to see that they cannot be even get the place, the opportunity to speak Esperanto in the Rio +20.

Of millions of Esperanto speakers in the world, we cannot even gather 2000 votes.

This is more important than the Best language vote, in my opinion.

Now, who fail the Esperantist? 600 votes, can you believe that ?


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