25 May 2012

E-Volunteer World Project

After reading this article, I was a little upset and felt annoyed why the minority tribes are all the time to be marginalised and in the losing ends.

Though it is not easy to get past the government to introduce Esperanto in the schools hence we have to do the relay translation.

But the money that spent to train the translator is more than teaching them Esperanto. The article in 2-2.se came to me again that no child be losing out due to language and social economy.

Thus, I have this idea that why not start from a place, we always need to begin somewhere and small, the E-volunteer World Projet (EVWP) or PEVM in Esperanto--Projekto de Esperanto Volunto Mondo.

Certainly, we don't have to put the word Esperanto in that glaring part, just a letter E is good enough to let people remember it.

The volunteer activities can be corporated with the local Esperantists or Esperanto Association. There is non now in Malaysia, and hope it would be ONE in the near future.

Just a seach of the youth volunteer, you can see that many.


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