11 May 2012

Esperanto TED programme

This is not my first post about this complaints. I remembered I wrote about it in the past and even argued in the forum pages about the TED programme.

Well, it is good to be a part of TED for Esperanto translation, however, I still prefer that Esperantists should consider to make a programme in Esperanto instead of translating it.

Watch the speakers, they all have to command a reasonably good English, or maybe , the script is prewritten.

Whatever it is, the translation will not be so accurate to the text what the speakers were saying. Perhaps, it is due to the translator.

If the programme is made in Esperanto, as most Esperantists argued that Esperanto is easy to learn, in 6 months, perhaps, we can see more of the Amazon tribes appeared on the Esperanto TED programmes to tell the world what have happened to their lands and lives being threatened by the greedy developers and governments.

Someone wrote that  Esperanto is an elite language, and only for the elite, I at times, do agree with it.

Most Esperantists, especially the senior ones, are more interested in peace and travel as the main promotion materials. But to me, it is not that in the era of the internet world.

I wrote many times and one more time is not too much. Esperanto is a health care tool now. If you need bilingual to delay and save your love ones from suffering from the old age dementia. Read this here.


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