07 May 2012

UEA devu halti tuj

Universala Esperanto-Asocio devu halti tiun agadon tuj.

Again, I was raged to see the UEA, the world body of Esperanto did not make a proper management in the Universala Kongreso (World Congress) for the 97th occasion.

I did mention this long time ago in my post. But, disgusting to see the same incident happened again and this will certainly happen again if it is not checked.

I ran through the list of participants and saw some names in the countries which have no participants. But these people are not the citizen of those countries but they are listed in those countries.

Just a simple column to fill the citizenship but not merely based on the postal address that the documents and contacts are filled. How could people believe that the countries have those people speaking Esperanto ? It is misleading by UEA.

Please correct your fault if you are possible, even begins with the 97th Universala Kongreso.

With the technology, you can just do in a minute. I am not technology wise but I know it is possible.

Please do not put anyone who is not Malaysian in the country named Malajzio.

My friends said, if UEA like to mislead the people, it is easy, get 100 people and send them to 100 countries and get the local addresses and say it out loudly that there are participants from 100 countries.

As a world body, why can't UEA think about it ?

I wish I do not have to write this kind of post the third time.

UEA, please , do something about your weakness. If the management has no such talents, change it.

Esperanto speakers are not beggars and cheaters.

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