22 May 2012

Did he not knowing he did not able to understand Esperanto?

What I mean by saying Esperanto has lost its momentum, is that it hasn't managed to realise its potential. As far as I understood, its ambition was to serve as the primary communication language between people with different mother tongues. I think it has been used like that in the twenties and the thirties (maybe longer), but you'll have to admit that English is in that position now. The fact that both this blog and our comments are in English, rather than in Esperanto, is just one example. My impression is that Esperanto is confined to the Esperantist community that is so vociferously spreading it.


Well, the article attracted lots of comments and I just wonder whether this Dutch man can understand Esperanto if all the Esperantists commenting on the article are using Esperanto. By doing so,he may again accusing Esperantists not politely honnoring him as the article is written in English.

I met once in the facebook and the same manner of that person by saying so. For politeness, I reply in English as he commented in English, well, since he wanted something different, I reply in my mother tongue. Though it is not all in Chinese. Since the Emperor Qin killed all the scholars and burned all the books, other tribals were forced to use Han language to communicate among the same tribe.

I came to the conclusion that it would be best to comment in Esperanto if this writer writes again, even in other topics.

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