15 May 2012

Esperanto does not work for Indigenous people

I was very annoyed when I replied to the Indigenous people group in facebook and the indigenous lovers or they are the true indigenous people, I don't know, feeling scarstic by replying ' posting one time is enough' 'how esperanto can save the dying language ?'

This promoted me to think twice and trice that Esperantists are really doing the job or just still hanging on the 'esperanto is a peace language ' stuff.

In Asia, there are many Indigeous people, they can't earn a meal a day due to the uneducated background. Thus, they are all the time being bullied.

I remembered I wrote the similiar article before but this time it is asking what the Esperantists doing in this part of the work. Are they sitting in front of the computer and putting all the nonsense on the facebook ?

Personally, I subcribed to the Indigenous group in the facebook, this one is the same, but they are all using English, again the colonial language. Though I know there is one Esperanto Indigenous group, it is so few people to come by.

Can we start a small volunteer group and start going into the interior part, or get the children out from the village to do a course for them. With the first exposure to the language, they know this is Esperanton.

I watch the UEA in the UN calling the equality of language and stuff. What about these people, they really do it in the UN ?

How you spend your money is your personal choice, but what about an Esperanto foundation for the Indigenous people, connecting them to the Esperanto University in San Marino.

Kion vi pensas pri tio ?

We have sent this man, Colin in the COAC, but to no avail, as he is an Australian graduate, as I was, he will not support Esperanto and also believe the good of Esperanto. Thus, you might want to send him again mails to show him how many people are using Esperanto. There is a similar facebook too under the same name.

I even wrote an article about it but how many of them will begin to learn and think of a change of their life.


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