11 January 2015

The best choice of common language for ASEAN is Esperanto

Yes, if ASEAN citizens know what Esperanto is, we can turn ASEAN the first region in the world to be united via Esperanto.

But the governments of ASEAN countries are sleeping in the UNESCO meeting. They don't respect the resolutions at all.

Just in lernu site. One can find 7 languages in ASEAN for you to learn Esperanto. Need more information, go to Malaysia Esperanto Studies Group.
“A single language which allows everyone to communicate with each other would be a fantastic idea,” Louis said. “And to see it implemented, I think there is potential.”

Yes, the idea of single language for international, regional communication was already there since 1954 when UNESCO recommended in its resolutions. Again, UNESCO urged the non-government organisations to use Esperanto in 1985 resolutions. But till now, only a handful of NGOs really respect the resolutions.

Not only that, the United Nations World Tourism Organisation passed the 1980 Manila Manifesto calling the tourism industry to use Esperanto to fully utilise the human resources. Again a few tour companies respect it. Cambodia has one.

Certainly, the mainstream media in each and every country should shoulder the blame as they did not report much about Esperanto activities. But not in the internet age anymore.

If you do not know Esperanto in the internet age, you should feel ashamed.

Malaysian delegate and member of MAP (Malaysian Aspirations Program) Louis Ting claimed that use of a single language to unite countries would be very difficult, because every country is proud of their own national language and the cultural significance in its use.

Louis, what is the difficult for having a single in the regional and international event. It is good to proud of your country language and of course of your tribal language. Learning tribal language, national language and Esperanto, for some tribal languages, it would take up to 3000 hours.

Learning Esperanto needs maximum 200 hours but learning English needs 3200 hours.

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