22 January 2015

Cambodia needs Esperanto but not English, shame on you the volunteers

For those who keep saying Cambodia needs English to prosper, you are still sleeping.

I wish you could see how the people are cheating money from the volunteers.

For the volunteers, please learn Esperanto and there is the Esperanto volunteer groups which coordinated by the Esperanto association of that particular country. It is free, no volunteer fees. You can use the money to help more people, especially the country you are going.

Learning Esperanto needs less than 200 hours but learning English needs 3200 hours. Search the phrase below:

75% of the people in the world do not speak a word of English.

Read the BBC report. Of course, there are more info about the decline of English.

If you like English, it does not mean other people must like English. The issue here English is in the declined.

Try it here if you do not believe that Esperanto is easy to learn.


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