13 January 2015

Comment: Surin Pitsuwan: “English as Common Language will be Most Benefit for ASEAN Countries”

Don't pay for the interpreters in ASEAN 

Surin, you are still healthy, aren't you ?

But it is as if you are not feeling too well for making that kind of statement.

I know Thailand spent millions of dollars in recruiting foreign teachers to teach English. It is hoped that to improve the level of standard of English in Thailand.

Don't you think your country is wasting tons of bahts from the tax payers ?

What a shame that you do not know Esperanto as you are a world political figure. Maybe, you are trying to ignore Esperanto but you are certainly killing more talents in your country as well as other countries in ASEAN zone.

Can ASEAN live without English language ?

No native speakers of English in ASEAN. If they do, not even one percent of it.

All the ASEAN citizens should wake up and do not allow your government to use your money for hiring interpreters. Get them to use Esperanto.

Learning English needs 3200 hours but learning Esperanto needs less than 200 hours.

Don't you know British are petition to learn foreign languages. The most people will learn Bahasa Indonesia but not Thai language. Why, Bahasa Indonesia is much easier to learn than Thai. Are you afraid of it. If  you are, get English out and put in Esperanto.


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