10 January 2015

Durian ASEAN radio

You have not woken up yet.

Your radio station and other local media is similar in action. You are promoting the use of English but without knowing English is returning to the babel. Read the book of Dr Ostler.

ASEAN needs Esperanto. Not English. English is a colonial language, it should be returned to its home in England.

Many people in ASEAN, not all, though, only the rich and those who cannot think and analysis. Worse are those who refuse to accept the fact, just like those in Hong Kong occupied movement ,some wanted to go to the United Kingdom, be the citizen of the former colonial.

If you do not read Esperanto, which is recommended by UNESCO, just look at the pictures and see the China primary school is learning Esperanto. I did not know how many schools. Thus I use IS but nor ARE.


Someone said, the English newspaper, online of course in Malaysia is the project of Malaysia government. Of course, the government is wasting the money from the tax payers. If the project is funded by the ministers, do you think they will do it.

Stop abusing the money from the rakyat. 

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