18 January 2015

Comment: The Decline of English in Malaysia (country, people, speaking, population)

This forum threat is interesting. How many people  still think English is everywhere usable ?

Before the Internet age, it was the same, after the Internet age, it is even less people using English.

The Internet age let more people know their right of language, as the mother tongue and cultures are important.

ASEAN Community is going to use Esperanto as the community language. Malaysia will have less people using English.

2/3 teachers of English cannot command well of English, the government is wasting lots of tax payer money to continue teaching English. Malaysians should consider to push the politicians to change the education. But alas, how many good politicians are in Malaysia.

Indonesia stopped teaching English years ago. Many people still think English is the language in ASEAN region.

If you are not waking up, please do so as the ASEAN Esperanto tourism is on the rise.

It is ashamed that the Spanish speakers in the USA do not fight for their right to learn mother tongue ( wonder Spanish is the language of Mexico ) and the American indigenous people should give more pressure to the government of the United States of America for their basic right.

English is in the decline ? Yes, certainly. If British Empire did not colonise the 1/5 of the earth surface, where would be the English be ?

All the colonial languages, like French, Spanish, Portuguese etc should be out of the colonised lands.

If you do not know Esperanto, go to Malaysia Esperanto Studies Group.

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