05 January 2015

English is not the best language for 2015

Gone are the days of English language in the world

How many people know what is 2015 ? Especially in ASEAN region

If you  do not know, click here to see.

Many people in ASEAN are still sleeping. They don't care about ASEAN. How they can care for ASEAN ?

ASEAN is not for the poor people, it is the club for the rich and politicians.

They about using English language as the community language. Can the children of the poor family participate in their activities ?

Change. Yes,change it. If you are from ASEAN, you must vote. If you want a easy travelling in ASEAN, you must vote too.


Many NGOs in ASEAN are not respecting the UNESCO 1985 resolutions to use Esperanto. Shame on you. 

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