02 November 2012

Should language be all in vulgar ?

I was intrigued by these paragraphs in lernu:

It seems unfair to citicise Esperanto for a lack of more plebeian forms of expression. The Esperantists are on the whole middle class and well-educated and probably don't use such language in their mother tongues. So in the absence such communicative need there is no evolutionary pressure in that direction on the language to develop more vulgar terms of expression.
However, I find that Esperanto seems to be deficient in its development of a rich vocabulary for the expression of emotional states and attitudes - which the national languages are certainly not short of.

In a forum, someone said that Esperanto is a middle class language. I don't really understand that language can be divided into classes. But it does not matter on this. What is more interesting for me to write this post is the fivortoj in Esperanto.

Yes, certainly language has less vulgar language. But there was a master holder of English from my country told my Esperanto language learners not to learn Esperanto by giving the reason:

Esperanto is not popular because it is a vulgar language because it has Latin words in it.

I gave my learners the wikilpedia site of how many latin words are contained in English language. Thus, it prompted me to think of the language and culture and language and environment. I shall not deal with those things here but just like to share a true fact of it which is happening in my country.

The Chinese schools normally do not encourage the pupils to speak the dialects, like the Guandong Hua, Kejia Yu or Min Nan in the school compound. Anyone get caught will be fined or punished. One the one hand it is to make it a habit for speaking the proper Putong Hua, on the other hand, it is because the Putong Hua, despite the writing characters are the same as the dialects because Emperor Qin had killed all the langauges in China, Putong Hua has less vulgar words. No matter how angry you are, you would not be able to use it like the dialects.

Some families, because of such beauty of the Putong Hua, rather forgo the dialect and do not allow the children to learn the dialects afraid that the children might be looked down by the society because they speak the vulgar languages when they get angry.

I am a new comer to the Esperantujo. I certainly have no right to criticize who is right or wrong despite I was trying hard to perfect the Esperanto. I just wondering Esperanto should get all those fivortoj from the dialects or so called the national language to hold the equality of that 'beauty of fucking words'

This threat in the lernu worth to follow as some of the 'contributors' are too free and doing nothing in promoting Esperanto, only meet the Esperantists online or during the kongreso.


*I did not know how true it was, someone said that the Putong Hua was once upon a time the imperial court language, thus, there is less vulgar language as the Emperor was speaking it. If Esperanto can be that 'high class'. I would say it would be good to maintain the beauty of it.

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