05 November 2012

Asians should not learn English

One cannot learn Chinese in that short period of time.
Well, by the theory of the Australian politicians, that if Australia introduces the learning foreign languages programme, it would affect the English standard.

Certainly, I do not deny that as I can testify that we, Chinese Malaysians, are learning three languages in so called varnecular schools, that is, in Chinese school, Chinese (mother tongue) Malay and English. The Chinese standard in my country despite it is the Chinese school, the standard of Chinese cannot be as good as in Taiwan or China mainland. The main cause of this is the English language which needs a lots of practises and the silly government makes English a compulsory pass in the entrance examination for the university. For the Malay medium schools, they need to learn Malay (the mother tongue of Malay tribe) and English, thus they have less school work and more time for others.
It is good that if we Asians can wake up from the call of this report, we should not learn English as a second language afterall, on the one hand there is no reciprocal from the English speaking countries and the other is the cost of learning English is too high.

It is time for the Asians, especially Indonesia, to think and plan out carefully and justifying the pros and cons of it. Vietname has a good resource in Esperanto. They have been publishing Esperanto books since 1950s.( that was what I got the book, it could be earlier)
The very question that I want to ask is why the other countries in the world must learn English and English speaking countries do not have to learn other foreign languages, for example, doing it the same way as Malaysia, three language subjects running in concurrently to justify that you are doing the same.

Certainly, Malaysian government would not be healing the call of introducing Esperanto in the schools, however, Vietnam, which has lots of resources and Indonesia which has more than a century of Esperanto history could start push for the UNESCO recommended language, Esperanto.

We need to consider for those who are not linguistic talented or who not too incline in language, Esperanto would certainly be a good help in their life.

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