08 November 2012

If you are a homophobia

If you are an esperantist and you discriminate homosexual, please do not participate in the 98th International Esperanto Congress or Universal Esperanto Congress, which will be held in Iceland capital in 2013

The reason is very clear because thehead of the state, Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir,is a lesbian. It might not be a surprise for the Europeans but it might be for some Asians, especially those come from the previous British colonies and which still using the 377 act to curtain the homosexuals in their countries.

You might not feel comfortable in Iceland because there is a homosexual panel of discussion too. You will see many gays and lesbians coming in and out, and you might be seated beside a gay or lesbian.

I do not blame you for the homophobia, it is part of your up bringing. We need to learn to accept what is true and what is harmless.



当然不会怪你,因为,在大多数的英国殖民过的国家,还在引用377 条文来控告和监禁男女同性恋。中国是一个较开放的国家,没有把同性恋列为是罪犯。而且,越南可能会合法同性恋。


Se vi estas timi pri la samsekemuloj, mi sugestus, ke vi ne partopreni en la 98a UK en Islando ĉar la Prezidento de la lando estas lesbo.

Eble, vi kunsidas la gejanon aŭ lesbanon ĉar tie estas la kunsido de la LSG.

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