24 September 2015

Should English language be taken away from the United Nations ?

It is either to be killed or to be removed.

Less and less countries in the world are using English as the major language. What most countries are using is their own LISH. For example, Singlish, Singapore English, Manglish, Malaysia English and Chilish,China English.

Can the communication go on well with all kinds of LISH around ?

Only a handful of people can really speak good English, even the BBC world correspondents ,who should have trained in good English, are still speaking in faulty English.

I do not blame them at all, as English is not their mother tongue.

Come on, consider to vote Esperanto into United Nations as the official language. Esperanto is recommended by UNESCO and UNWTO. If you do not know what these resolutions are, please visit Malaysia Esperanto Studies Group.


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