14 September 2015

How English language kills the talents and people

Read further if you agree with the title, otherwise, skip it.

If  you search the net,failed English, suicide, you could get many officially reports but many went unreported because the dead ones could not get up from the grave to testify the pains they have suffered.

This may happen to your children if your native tongue is not English but you are forcing your children to learn English.

Learn Esperanto and make Esperanto a official language in the United Nations.

NGOs in the world, please respect the UNESCO resolutions 1985 to use Esperanto.

You can find the full resolutions in the UNESCO official site.


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News @ AsiaOne
Maid hung herself after failing English entry test thrice
She is now brain-damaged and in ICU. Failing the test would mean she would have to leave Singapore and face having to pay back more than $1,000 in loans. -AsiaOne 
Candice Cai

Wed, Jun 01, 2011

SINGAPORE - A 26-year-old Indonesian maid tried to hang herself after failing her English-language entry test three times.
She is now in intensive care with brain damage.
The Straits Times reported that the maid, Ms Sulastri Wardyoyo, tried to hang herself at a maid hostel last Saturday.
According to staff at the hostel, she was allegedly depressed after failing her English-language entry tests.

Failing the test would mean she would have to leave the country, and pay back any loan taken.
The Straits Times reported that she may have taken more than $1,000 in loans to come here.
Ms Sulastri arrived early last week and was housed by employment agency Budget Maid in a maid hostel in the north.
All new maids have to clear the Foreign Worker Domestic Entry test within three days of their arrival, according to the Ministry of Manpower regulations.
Ms Sulastri, who is married with a child, took the test last Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, and failed in all tries.
On Saturday morning, she was found in a toilet cubicle on the second floor of the hostel where she and other maids were lodged.
A trainer at the hostel, Madam Lee, told the Straits Times they thought she had fainted inside: 'We used a screwdriver to prise open the lock, and then we saw her hanging from the shower head with a cloth.'
'When the other maids saw her, they screamed like crazy and became very, very scared,' she said.

Ms Sulastri was sent to Khoo Teck Puat Hospital.

Madam Lee also said Ms Sulastri usually kept to herself and would cry everyday after failing the test.

An Ministry of Manpower (MOM) spokesman told the Straits Times that the ministry regularly reviews the entry test and the way it is conducted.
She said 'there are benefits' to holding the test in the workers' home countries, but a key concern was 'ensuring the integrity and credibility of test providers overseas'.

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