22 September 2015


This is the responsibility of the non government organisations (NGO) for not respecting the resolutions of UNESCO 1985. If you want to know what the content of the 1985 resolutions are, search the UNESCO site with Esperanto, resolution, to download the pdf of your language version.

Esperanto is an easy learning language, less than 200 hours and everyone on earth is able to communicate with others and improve the knowledge by exchanging views,especially in this internet age.

If you think they are silly, you should take the NGO to task.

This kind of myth will go on and on endless till people can be able to read even though not able to write well. But Esperanto can certainly make a human literate in less than 200 hours.

Shame on you the NGOs especially the international NGOs like Green Peace, Human Right etc.

The first time Helianti Hilman visited the indigenous farmers of the West Java town of Garut, she was asked to remove her shoes before entering their fields. Her surprise grew when the farmers quizzed her on her mood – they didn’t want her upsetting the plants.


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