06 September 2015

Comment: Wrong grammar in school workbooks a setback in lifting standard in English

Malaysians, wake up!

Do not be fooled by the silly politicians.

English language is going home as Dr Ostler clearly pointed out on his 2010 work English is the last lingua franca.

More and more countries are not using English language, only the silly politicians in Malaysia misleading the people to believe that English is the international language.

Foreign languages should be made a free choice in Malaysia. Tell your politicians and twit it to your politicians. Each child learns three languages, mother tongue, national language and Esperanto. If the child like language or has language talent, s/he can go on for more. 

Think about the working languages in United Nations. Besides the two major power countries, China and Russia which fought their way into UN via their power, but not with the number of speakers.

With the other 4 working languages in United Nations, Arabic, Spanish, French and English, use your thinking skill to see the those language speakers in the world. English has how many percents of speakers in the world now ?

Malaysia education system is going to the dog. It is for certain. They don't teach the language speaking during their Geography lessons. Thus, all pupils are believed that the world is monolingual.

Wake up! Malaysians, do not mislead by the uninformed or silly people around you. The internet era should provide you with better access to the world information.

Look at the Duolingo site, how many people are learning Esperanto now. If someone tells you Esperanto is dead, he is the most silly people in the world. Esperanto is recommended by UNESCO, can it be dead ?

Esperanto can be used in United Nations too.


Get your silly member of parliament out now.

If your politicians are so uninformed, how they can help you to fight for your right.

You can learn Esperanto here free




If you have the better mobile phone, look up for the simple U talk app and learn it.

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