16 September 2015

Comment : Why business schools in Southeast Asia are ‘second class’

I wished the writer could be a little wiser by not looking from his own window.

The world is such big one. He is looking from his own window and making such an unfair statement and comparision.

Fine, let us make a switch of the scenario. You have to learn our languages in our region instead of we have to learn English to let you access our ability.

You statement clearly showed that the people in South East Asia are silly and truly stupid.

If United Nations accepts Esperanto as one of the official languages, I strongly believe that South East Asia will be the top in the world.

How unfair that the people in South East Asia have to learn English but none of the Americans, British etc learn all the South East Asia languages.

Don't boost that English is important. If Britain did not colonise one fifth of the earth surface, English is like not being know in the world.

Those in the world, if your national language is not listed in the United Nations as the working languages, let us join hand to make Esperanto to be the working languages in United Nations.

I urged again the non government organisations in the world,please respect the resolution of UNESCO 1985 to use Esperanto. You can search the full pdf document in UNESCO official site.


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