02 September 2015

Don't have interpreters ?

Is English an international language ?

Why they need interpreters for filming ?

Fine, Indonesia does not have to provide interpreters for you like in Australia. The policy of Australia seems to be good and get good comment from the world for proving translators to the local people.

But I beg a different. Why should the taxpayers money is abused in this case.Why not use Esperanto as the common language.

Fine, don't complain that you cannot get interpreters like in the documentary. It is not the duty of  Indonesia government to provide all tourists with interpreters. How many languages in the world ? Just in Indonesia, it is almost 900 languages but was killed after Indonesia gained independence.

If you want to avoid misunderstanding, promote Esperanto as the international language but not English.

For the English native speakers, you have no right to ask other people to speak English to you. Is there an international law to tell the people in the world to speak English language to the English native speakers ?

Why not you speak the local languages wherever you go.

Political power should be changed.

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