23 August 2012

They are disdaining the UNESCO

This post is a reply to the readers in an article which appeared in loyarburok.com

Thanks to many Esperantists came to aid and gave a clear info about Esperanto.

It was more than a year now and I felt it would be good to post it on my blog as some of the readers may not have read it.

For those who disagreed with Esperanto is a disdain to the experts in the UNESCO as the UNESCO had recognised Esperanto in 1954.

@Scott, if you can get the America Esperanto Association to shut down, http://www.esperanto-usa.org/ I would believe what you said is worth considering. Besides, your words disdain the UNESCO as this organisation recognised Esperanto in 1954. Now Esperanto is the 32nd language in CEFR http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Esperanto  

All your doubts can be found in the Universal Esperanto Association site http://www.uea.org

People have moved on to accept Esperanto for example the Facebook page does have the Esperanto version and Esperanto speakers are all over the twitter as well. Just wondering are living with the change ?

I also like to suggest to you to write to the British Esperanto Research team to stop doing the research if Esperanto place no where in life.

Besides, I was surprised the late Prof Dr Claude Piron short film did not touch you. Just look at the hit counter, how many people have watched that clip.

I hoped you were not from the camp of Noam Chomsky who said Esperanto estas ne lingvo and his statement had him suffered a lots. As a linguist, I think one needs to be more neutral to know that the 6000 languages in the world now is facing dominance and will be dying in less than two decades if they are not protected. 

Unfortunately, you are the one who is not saving the languages but instead of promoting the imperialism language, English. I don't blame you as you are from the Imperialist country. You should deny the book of Dr Robert Phillipson. I leave this to other experienced Esperantists to discuss with you.

As Malaysia is my country, I strongly feel that Esperanto is best for her people. What is language for ? It is for communication. Do we need to spend about 16 years learning a language or a year ? The propaedeutic effect of Esperanto would bring in more on language learning.

The International Cybernatics Association has listed Esperanto as one of the official languages.

@Siew Chin, I hoped you did not missed out the content of the forum, I repost it here http://en.lernu.net/komunikado/forumo/temo.php?t=5932 . The danger of air tragedy is between the staff of air controller and the pilots. Read the aritcle, watch the youtube evidences. Read carefully The Plane Language by an experienced pilot. No one has appointed the aviation to use English as the main language. 

The Chinese domestic flight use Mandarin.

@ KS Ong, I wish you can learn from the loyarburokkers who are fighting for fairness and justice. They don't join them if they cannot beat them. I learn from them a lot. They do a bit but this is good enough to enlighten someone, perhaps, more people, I don't know.

My article on Esperanto certainly have attracted many new readers out of Malaysia and from non English speaking countries. If loyarburok.com could have the Esperanto version like China media, certainly, more good thoughts would be input here.

For your information, the China Esperanto Radio has broadcasted for 45 years and is expanding into TV programmes now, read and watch here http://esperanto.cri.cn

If Malaysians have the attitudes which cannot beat them and join them,Malaysia is still under the British rule. For your information, generalisation is dangerous. In China not all people are learning English like Malaysia of which the compulsory subject is English, leaving no choices for others. Why no Spanish, French, Japanese, Korea etc for Malaysian students to choose from ?

In China, the Heilonjiang province majority learn Russian, Dalian area learn Japanese. The Mongolian learn Russian and Tibetan don't learn English but Chinese.

Besides, the illiterates rate is in high percentage.

Many people think Malaysians all speak Malay in the daily life, as a Malaysian, you are, you know well how the mamak stall scene of multilinguals.

Linguistic right issue should be your next research topic if you like to participate in the language issues.

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