30 August 2012

Article about Esperanto appears in the Malaysian magazine

Noto: Se vi ne povas legi en angla lingvo, bv uzi la google tradukilon kiu estas sur la pagxo.
I seldom post this type of info but this one is because there is a facebook page that Esperantists can put a like on the page.

With your different countries and names that appear on the like button, the editorial board will know that Esperantists have presented themselves.

This is a good signal to the editorial board because this company has many newspaper in control, in fact, all the Chinese newspapers in West Malaysia almost under the group of company.

I could not get the editors to publish in the national level of the papers but only on the local edition, which means it is only be read in a state or two in Malaysia.

It is your choice to let more people know about it. Other issues did not see so many foreign names and this issue with Esperanto article, there is a surge of the LIKES in the facebook or even share it, the signal is strong and this might lead to another article from this company.

I here also take the opportunity to thank loyarburok for the big support. Until now, they have published more than 10 articles about Esperanto. Unfortunately, loyarburok is a online blog magazine and many Malaysians still cannot understand the content as it is in English.

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