11 August 2012

Kial la UK ne havas kunsidon de skolto ?

Estas bedauxrinde ke la 97a UK ne havis kunsidon de skolto. Mi pensis ke gxi ankaux ne havis tiel kunsidon antauxe. Kial ?

La skolto estas plej viliga junuloj en la mondo. Kial UK nur arangxis la kunsidojn por la religiojn, muzikojn ktp sed ne arangxis por la kunsidon de la skolto.

Skolto estis ne en la kongesa libro. Kial ?

Certainly, I am very disappointed with the Universala Kongreso de Esperanto. It is not only in Hanoi and I believed it is not arranged for the scouters to meet up in other world congress too.

Scouters are the young and active people in the world. They are not informed of Esperanto despite there is the Esperanto scout movement too. However, how much this sole Esperanto body can spread the message of Esperanto.

Look at the list of the countries that scouting activities are in.

Now I have withnessed with my eyes and personal experince.

In ASEAN, there are many young scouters and they are all listed under the ministry of education.

The Esperanto scout movement told me that they wrote to many Esperanto associtions in many countries and received no reply about it.

Now, it is the question that why such a gap happening ?

Just take for example, if the UK in Hanoi has the scout meeting, the ASEAN scouters would be awaken to see the UK, how grand it was.

I wish the new President of UEA do not rest on the peace language, as I have given him a note during the UK, Esperanto is also a language of health.

I also hope that the UK can also kunlaboras Esperanto scout.

Finally, look at the peace message that the world scout body used, it is not Esperanto, the peace language as many Esperantists and congresses claimed, but the imperilism language.

What is your feeling my dear Esperantists and UEA ?

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