26 August 2012

How the Esperanto scouts can do better ?

Post 97th Esperanto World Congress in Hanoi, Vietname, I started to see the falling apart of the Esperanto organisations in the world. I did write a few posts on that in the forums or in my blogs.

I decided to write and spend more time in researching the Esperanto scouts and the world in future if time permits. Certainly, with a soon be a century old SEL, the administration should have better ideas on how Esperanto can do, and even doing better than the world body.

Let us start from the first step.

I did not know how this event carry out. Do they need interpreters in between ?

Now, the SEL should work closely with all the national Esperanto associations, at the same time, all the national Esperanto associations should also come forward to assist SEL to do the work.

I spoke to many Esperantists, they feel TEJO is sufficient for the youth activities. My jaw dropped.

Whatever it is going to be, SEL should find one Esperanto association in the world to begin with.

It would be the volunteer jobs, as I did mention about Esperanto volunteering projects but this is more involving with small age group. For example, they can do it by cleaning the street on one Sunday morning.

It can be also helping to clean the old folks home too.

Those primary school children would not be stopped by the parents for doing this kind of charity work. In fact, many parents are proud of it.

Now, which Esperato association is willing to begin with ?

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