19 August 2012

Estas ankaux por Asoan/ is for ASEAN too

I read this with tears in my eyes.

It is very similiar to my home region which called ASEAN. This phrase clearly pointed out to the fact that only rich and famous could control the higher position. Of course, their children would also be handed down to the grandchildren.

'Some members of the African elites will probably be reluctant to consider seriously the suggestion made in this paper. They may see in it a threat to the privileged position that goes with a real mastery of difficult languages such as English and French. But all those who have the interests of the African populations really at heart have the moral duty to inquire seriously into the possibilities offered by Esperanto for effective communication across the language barriers of Africa.'
How could the ASEAN countries help to save the poeple of their own or destroy them at their greedy means to control the people so that no one can challenge their position.
'Instead of spending years of painstaking efforts to master the intricacies of French past participles or the elusive subtleties of English grammar and usage, would it not be a benefit for all African children to acquire an easy but expressive language which, belonging to no people in particular, belongs equally to all?'
These words are similiar to the ASEAN countries, though it is only 11 members, it is still much a problem in communication if you are not going to the tourist spots or without anyone to assist you when you are in the country especially in the rurual areas where there are much iliterates.
Africans need to communicate among themselves. Why should they use for that purpose languages which, besides being associated with cultural pressures from powerful countries, are full of complications that are totally irrelevant to the African context, not to mention the fact that using European languages can only perpetuate divisions stemming from the colonial past? If Esperanto were introduced into elementary schools all through Africa, every one could retain his dialect or language and the culture associated with it, and still be capable of communicating with fellow Africans – and with many people all over the world, many of them not belonging to the socially privileged – whatever their respective mother tongues.
I wish the leaders of ASEAN countries would realise these and introduce Esperanto in the elementary schools.Just a year of learning and human capitals are not wasted.


I went through the hardship of learning English. Failure in the school made me less confident in life.

If I have to take a harder step to get the leaders to listen to it, I will do it.

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