30 August 2012

European Scout web page practises discrimination.

It was regretted that how the Scout promises and the scout law that could get these European scout page practises discrimination.

The web page uses the translation programme from Google but selectively chooses 32 languages, as today that I checked on it.

I was thinking because it is the European scout and they might just want the European languages in it. However, to my surprise, they include the Asian languages as well, like Chinese and Vietnamese.

On second check, I realised that it is the google translator and they selectively choose half of the google translator and also leave out Esperanto.

My blog is also using the Google translator and readers can choose to read in their most comfortable language. Of course, the translation will not be that accurate but only Esperanto has the highest accuracy as I have tested it in Chinese, Malay, English and Esperanto.

This is a part of education and scouts are the future leaders of the world. If European scout organisations now practise such discrimination today, the world of tomorrow will have more discrimination.

What you would do as a scout ?

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