10 August 2012

Language discrimination can be cured by Esperanto

There were many occasions that people are offended when a wrong word was used. This had happened in my country, Malaysia and the cost of the battling in the legal system and the press releases and other items are costly.

Esperanto is a language of nuetral. I may be wrong but my article in the loyarburok.com has attracted many links and FBing too.

I wish the Malaysians would eventually realise that English is not the best and ideal language for mass communication.

The comment of a reader, Kedahan is good but he did not mention much of it just because he is a gay and he wanted to use whatever to his own content.

Certainly, the structure of language is not as simple as he feels.

I know how would be the torture when you addressed you gay partner as a beautiful man as you know that beautiful is meant for the female gender.

Of course, Kedahan cannot change the structure of the language as I have commented on it.

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