08 March 2016

How many United Nations member countries do not speak the 6 official languages as their national languages

It is a big number, certainly, more than monolingual Russia and China.

To the leaders and people of these countries, it is internet era, we need to think of economy and do not blindly follow other people. Perhaps, the biggest idiots are the politicians in your and my country.

UNESCO and UNWTO recommended Esperanto with good reasons.

Now, putting away these resolutions and declaration, we should consider to make Esperanto as the 7th official language in United Nations.

You can do some searching for the 6 languages, but I can tell you that Chinese language is only ONE country is using but it can be listed in the official status. Is it fair ?

If the reason for accepting Chinese language as the official language because of the number of population, thus, those countries whose national languages are not listed in the United Nations should consider to use Esperanto as the 7th Official language.

How Esperanto can help you in a few ways:

  1. it is cost effective. Learning Esperanto needs less than 200 hours but learning English needs more than 3000 hours. Besides, the learners may not be that effectively command of the language because English is a difficult language to learn. Watch the United Nations translators, if they are facing problems daily, what about you ?
  2. Esperanto helps to reduce the old age dementia. Your country will have less medical fees to shoulder.
  3. Less learning hours, in short, your country can save millions of dollars in learning a foreign language. The money can be used to build more schools and library for your country.

In ASEAN or Southeast Asia, none of the country is using English as the national language, the 600 million people would also meet the mark of China. What about the India, Pakistan that are not using English as the national language.

Therefore, it is good for you to let your politicians know that you want a change. The change can help you save more money and your future generations would get out of old age dementia.

Yes, let us do it and make Esperanto as the 7th official language in the United Nations. After all, UNESCO and UNWTO have long supported the move. You will get lots of supports from other international organisations.


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