22 March 2016

Comment: Bahasa Indonesia as the Common ASEAN Language?

Mia komento sube malaprovis de la  administanto de la paĝo. La komento aprovis poste mia dua provo.

It is good to know that we are in the 21st century, internet age, and I certainly not consent to use English as the Asean common language,neither to agree on with Bahasa Indonesia or Melayu, which is my national language.

It is time for us to do away the imperialism mentality. We should use Esperanto as the common language in Asean with the following reasons:

1. Esperanto is recommended by UNESCO, download the resolutions in its official website. Esperanto is also supported by United Nations World Tourism Organisations UNWTO.

2. Esperanto is fair to all people in Asean. It is unwise to use any of the languages from the ASEAN region, it would not be fair to other people. Just as using English is unfair too.

3. Esperanto saves cost of learning. Learning Esperanto needs less than 200 hours but no other Asean languages will take that low economy of language learning.

4. There are many Esperanto learning resources online and there are many Esperanto speakers in Asean countries too, here is the Indonesia Esperanto Association http://www.esperanto.or.id You can search more in Esperanto groups in Facebook or search Malaysia Esperanto Studies Group for the beneifts of using Esperanto.

5. Esperanto is the best business language as the research was done by French Commerce Association 9 decades ago but the French government shot down the idea but they never think that English would be taken over its position in the world. We should not repeat that mistake for the battling of language in the region.

6. There are more than 175 countries in the world where there are Esperanto speakers and China Radio International broadcasting Esperanto programme daily.

7. If the representative in the higher level agree to use Esperanto, within a year, we are able to communicate among the people in ASEAN without difficulties. The text books are available almost in all national languages in ASEAN and Cambodia and some of the Asean countries are already in Esperanto tourism as respect the 1989 Manila UNWTO Declaration. More than 75% of the people in the world do not speak a word of English.

8. Google has the Esperanto translator and other business ventures as well realised that Esperanto speakers are on the increased, they also include Esperanto pages. Of late, the Duolingo started the Esperanto course for English speakers, it attracted more than 320k learners to this date. When the Esperanto for Spanish is out of incubator, more other languages will be translated.Another world giant website Wikipedia also has the Esperanto section.

9.  Using Esperanto as Asean common language will save cost of foreign language learning, less than 200 hours compare to English, which needs 3200 hours. The European Council listed Esperanto as one of the language, the Esperanto KER examination is held yearly worldwide.

This list can go on but I have to halt here. Welcome to do more research on Esperanto if you do not know more about it.


It is regretted that the comment was not approved by the admin of the page. But, in this internet age, it is not only one place you can voice your opinion. Look, here I am copying all my comment from the original post here. If the admin can be more liberal and we can have better communication, ASEAN will be the strongest region in the world.

But we have too many people in ASEAN were poisoned by the colonial language, English, or they are too short sighted in life.

My second attempt got the notice of the admin, I still maintained my previous paragraph as to show the fairness of my comment.

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