02 March 2016

Do you want to save your life in the air travelling ?

It is not only the Chinese pilots, many other pilots whose mother tongue is not English, would be a danger to your life.

It is unfair to put the Chinese pilot only.

It is up to you to decide, to change the system of  aviation or  let you and your future generation in the greatest risk when they are travelling.

Is it hard to learn Esperanto, certainly not. Less than 200 hours.

But if you are following your silly politicians, let us pray for their safety, your risk, and life will be hanging on till you safely landed.  What about the next flight ?


If you feel like aviation could benefit from a common language, do join the Esperanto movement to petition for the change of aviation language - See more at: http://www.loyarburok.com/2013/12/31/save-lives-implement-esperanto/#sthash.aRxA4hW5.dpuf

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