14 March 2016

Comment: English teaching faces crisis as standards slip

more than 80% people in the world do not speak English

Mia komento en tiu raporto ne aprovis de la redaktisto.

It is the common myth that English is the international language. In internet age, who still subscribe to that notion should seriously consider taking a search in the internet search engine.

Yes, la pupil is right, passing English in Vietnam is an unwised move. We in ASEAN Community should use Esperanto as the community language for:

1. English is not a national language of any member countries, why should we use English as the community language.

2, Esperanto is easy to learn, need less than 200 hours  but learning English needs 3200 hours. Which is more economical language ?

3. Esperanto is recommended by UNESCO and UNWTO.

4. Esperanto is the best business language according to French business association research.

5, English has less than 10%  people using it NOW.

If you are a wise leader from ASEAN, you should consider to make Esperanto as the community language.


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