17 November 2014

Comment: Effect of ASEAN 2015 Integration on Teaching Prospects

Again, here to stress that ASEAN 2015 should not be using English language as the common language.

English language is not easy to learn. It needs 3200 hours but Esperanto, which is recommended by UNESCO since 1954 needs less than 200 hours to learn.

Besides, Esperanto can help to reduce the old age dementia and also help the dyslexia children to do better.

Let us work together to make Esperanto as the common language in ASEAN, especially the ASEAN Community 2015

It's going to be English. 
So, going forward, do you think English education will gain even more importance not as just a means to communicate to the West, but as a common language amongst the ASEAN community of Thailand, Vietnam and others?


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