19 November 2014

Can use Esperanto to make speeches in United Nations

The myth of making speeches in the  United Nations must be in the 6 official languages ruled many people in the world.

Not going to contest of whether choosing only 6 languages, difficulty of learning ranked at 3 level, which means, the learning process needs more than 1,000 hours.

Now, take a look of the paragraph:

At times, a delegate may choose to make a statement using a non-official language. In such cases, the delegation must provide either an interpretation or a written text of the statement in one of the official languages.

Now, have you cleared your doubts about language using in the world bodies ? Don't be cheated by the people.

If the international body that you join does not allow you to make speeches in other languages, it would be wise to leave the organisation.

If fact, let me stressed here again, the UNESCO resolutions, 1985 suggested to all international non governmental organisations to use Esperanto.

Yes, you did not hear it wrong. Part of the blames should go to the Esperanto associations in many countries as well as Universal Esperanto Association, as they do not let you know about the UNESCO resolutions and 1980 Manila Manifesto.

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