10 November 2015

Why do you want Google translator to destroy you ?

Less than 200 hours, everything is perfect.

Why you need Google translator to get you upset ?

If you are a smart people, support Esperanto to be the 7th official language in the United Nations, you don't need to use Google translator at all. In fact, all translators can be throw away.

Learning Esperanto less than 200 hours. Would that be the problem for you ?

Esperanto is recommended by UNESCO and UNWTO.

Now, the pain is more than anything else as the Google has destroyed your image.

Free learning site lernu has more than 40 languages to choose from.


Besides, kurso from Brazil is another good learning resources.


The latest one would be Duolingo.


Choose whichever you like and do not let Google to destroy you again in the future.


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