28 November 2015

Comment:Hindi as UN official language would cost over Rs 82 crore per year

Hindi speakers in the world if you work together with the Esperanto speakers to make Esperanto the 7th official language in United Nations, you will gain more.

Let me make a note form for you to understand easier.

1. Money

Esperanto is an easy language to learn. It needs less than 200 hours. But learning English needs 3200 hours. Time is money. Less time to learn, less teachers are needed, less salary pay out.

2. Smarter children

If children learn Esperanto in the early age, it can avoid old age dementia. Read the report here.

3. More language talent

If your child is a language lover, s/he will be a polyglot at the shortest time. Esperanto is Latin based formation, languages from Latin based are easily learnt post Esperanto lesson.

4. Wider contacts.

Even now, one can find Esperanto speakers in more than 175 countries. You children would have good contacts in the world.

5. World bodies backed Esperanto

a.UNESCO twice recommended in the resolutions to use Esperanto, first was in 1954 and second was in 1985.

b,The United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) Manila Declaration also suggested to use Esperanto

c. NGOs support the use of Esperanto, especially the World Federation United Nations Association passed the resolution in 1979 to use Esperanto but alas, the youngsters these days forget the resolutions.

If we in the countries, whose national language is not English can come together to make Esperanto the 7th United Nations official language, we can realise the goal within 5 years if we start NOW.

Oh ja, don't worry about the money, Even it is over Rs 160 crore, we from the non English speaking countries can pay for that, just one citizen ONE euro, that billion of citizens will come up to billions.

One hand cannot do much, more hands can move the mountain easily.


Perhaps, someone like to translate this into Hindi. I do not trust Google translator much. If I could not find the Hindi speakers to help to do so, I have to seek the help of Google.

Last but not least, if Hindi is in the United Nations as the official language, there are still no other people learning Hindi, take a look at the Chinese and Russian languages, are they wide spread in the world ?

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