25 July 2015

Comment:France Revolting Over English Takeover of Brussels

If you are worrying about that, why you opposed Esperanto in the early 20s. Here the you is referring to France.

This is how the saying, what comes around, it goes around.

What your ancestors did in the past, now it comes back to you.


If you are smart enough, list Esperanto in all schools in France as the second language, English would be faded out.

Certainly, the French will be going to be left out too. Don't count on your colonies in Africa. In the Internet epoch, all people know what language right is.

Les colonies françaises, en particulier en Afrique, devraient envisager d'abandonner la langue française et d'utiliser vos langues locales comme langue de communication. Si elle est trop difficile de choisir un, prendre l'UNESCO a recommandé la langue, l'espéranto.
Obtenez votre maître formelle hors du pays, ils ne réservent pas de votre soutien.
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