23 July 2015

Comment: The sad state of English in Malaysia

WONG Chun-Wai is still dreaming in the 60s, his good old days.

Only the silly editor of the Star in Malaysia would think English is the nation saving language but not thinking the political, corruption are the main cause of the Malaysia problem.

Many Malaysians like to take Singapore as the success model. Hold on, now the leader, LKY has gone and keep your fingers crossed to see what will happen.

By the way, did Singapore change the constitution, la nation language is sung in Malay or in English ?

The success of a country is not based on the language, English in this case but it is the clean political system.

LKY in his memoir said that, selecting English to be the common was fair as English is not the language of any race in Singapore that time,in short, not the mother tongue of any race. But, what about it now ?

Malaysians are still sleeping. They do not know Esperanto is because many Wong Chun Wai in the journalism line.

Esperanto saves cost of language learning. English should not be the compulsory foreign language in Malaysia. Of course, Mr WONG is a banana man from the last batch, perhaps, of MCE, as he mentioned HSC.

How many Malaysians are proud of the national language, Bahasa Melayu ?

Certainly, Mr WONG does not know that Esperanto can be used in United Nations.





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