10 July 2015

Comment: European universities ‘hobbled’ by language laws

What a silly people with high ranking but think so negatively?

Only English language can give creative thinking ? What about the pyrimad and the great wall in China ?

If the world are lead by these silly heads in the universities, there is not progress at all.

Look at the Philippines, they are using bilingual, one of it is the English. May I know how progress is the island country ?

English is a colonial language, its success is not due to its language, but it was the colonisation. One fifth of the world surface was conquered by arms and religion of the Great Britain.

They robbed the natural resources from the land they colonised and other wealth for more research and thus, English become the language of science and technology.

Is it fair ?

Use Esperanto, all countries in the world would have an equal footing and let us compete on that.


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