11 July 2015

Comment: Mumbai English profiency of govt school students teachers abysmal

Wake up the people of India.

Do sleep in this internet age. Get your mother tongues be taught in the schools instead of improving the English language.

BBC reported that more than 75% of the people in the world do not speak a word of English. English language users are in the declined.

Push for Esperanto to be the second language in your country. Learning English needs more than 3200 hours but learning Esperanto needs less than 200 hours.

How much money you can save and the time your children can save in language learning.

English is not the international language. As a British colony, India should realise and shake off the English colour.

If the politicians are still insist on English language, pull them down. Language is not the cause of the progress of economy, it is the clean and transparent government policy.

Do you get that ? If not, look at those past British colonies, which are still using English as the first language or even the national language, are they progress ?


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