21 May 2015

To Scottish Chamber of Commerce

Well, it is good, your organisation realised the needs of international language for the international business.

However, you do not know Esperanto. Not really, Scotland Esperanto Association is in your country for decades. Perhaps, you are like many others, thinking Esperanto is a language which has nothing to deal with business.

You should search Esperanto is the best business language and read the report from New York Time that  French Chamber of Commerce was going to use Esperanto. In short, Esperanto is the best business language.

You do not have to force your people to learn Chinese to deal with the Chinese business people.

Don't be as silly as the Malaysia business people to force the people to learn English. As business people, you should know the cost is vital. Learning Esperanto needs less than 200 hours but learning Chinese needs 4000 hours.

Be wise !

The Scottish Chambers of Commerce (SCC) has pinpointed Mandarin, Spanish, Portuguese, Hindi, Arabic and Russian as “international languages of business” and is calling for compulsory foreign language education during all years of schooling in order to make future Scottish firms more competitive in the international export market.


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